Corsets vs Waist Trainers

Waist Training is often synonymous with corset training and tight lacing but it's a common misconception. It gets all the more complicated once you add names like girdles, body shapers, fajas, etc. While both do the same thing, i.e. when worn regularly, they Cinch inches off your waist by using compression and activate thermal fat reduction resulting in an hourglass shape. In this article, we'll like to enlighten you about the differences between them.

Materials used:

Corsets indeed use more premium materials like Satin, Leather, sometimes Cotton while waist trainers solely focus on getting the job done with materials like Nylon, Latex and Spandex which make them quite affordable to begin with. Waist Trainers also contain spiral steel boning provides a healthy alternative to spring steel boning found in Corsets because it flexes with your body and does not restrain you.



Corsets have Steel Busks in front with Spring Steel Boning and Laces at the back to tighten.


While Waist Trainers have Eye & Hook or Zip closures with Spiral Steel Boning.


There is no doubt that Corsets are strictly aimed for hardcore enthusiasts as they can cinch 3-6 inches off your waist which can be a little uncomfortable if you’re first starting out. On the other hand, Waist Trainers cinch a Modest 2-4 inches and can be pretty comfortable for anyone to workout in or even sleep in so you can train your waist comfortably for long periods of time for maximum results.




Tightlacing ensures a stronger cinch and it’s more effective in giving you that hourglass figure.

They’re inflexible and can get a little uncomfortable.

They support the spine better and are also advised by doctors to people who need them.

Expensive: A good high quality corset can cost you 100’s if not 1000’s of dollars

One corset can last a long time or even a lifetime! As you progress, you can just lace it down for a tighter fit.

Lacing can be very time consuming process.





These are Less Bulky and More Flexible so you can even sleep in them!

Less Sturdy, after a few months these tend to get worn so you may have to replace them

Inexpensive and seamless under clothing so you can wear your favorite dress on top of these just like the Kardashians :P

Very Easy to Put On & Off, Just Hook it up or Zip it up and you’re ready to go!

Can't tighten down as much due to limited number of hooks.

The spiral steel boning flexes with your body and does not restrain you so you can also wear them while working out for Maximum Results.

Corsets do indeed train your waist but when you specifically mention a Waist Trainer nowadays it's likely referring to the latex/rubber ones. You can say that a Modern-Day Corset is a Waist Trainer.