Looking the best version of yourself is everyone’s dream. If you are a woman, just appreciate your body, be confident in your own skin and win the world like a bawse.
Fit body is important as it reflects your dedication and seriousness towards your health and fitness. No one likes their flabbiness on display, and for a healthy toned body you really have to strive to be the best fit version of yourself.

Before Summer season starts, most of the women start working out at home or gym to get into their dream bikini body. After all, who doesn’t want a toned and proportionate body. If you are also planning to get that perfect hourglass waist and lose fat, then investing in a premium quality waist trainer may help.Rigorous workouts and sweaty exercise routines can make your beloved waist trainers go out of shape and become uncomfortable and smelly at times.
Maintaining your waist trainers is really important for a good hygiene. You should know how to clean your latex waist trainer and safely store it back until next time to avoid getting it all balled up, whether you use it the whole year around or occasionally.

You really don’t want to ruin your comfortable partner due to ill maintenance and go back to finding the right size again!
There’s a lot of time, money and effort invested in finding yourself the right waist trainer so why not take care of it and keep it clean so that you can keep using it for a long time? 

Guidelines to keep your waist trainers clean

Taking care of your waist trainer is pretty much the same way you take care of regular garments. Just make sure that you aren’t using any high amount of chemical, instead use a mild textured baby shampoo. For drying it, just spread it out and leave it hanging on the drying rack or rope. It is a must to clean your waist trainer if not daily then after every two days, if you are using it on a daily basis.
Just follow these simple steps and make your waist trainer last for a long time.

1. Never-ever machine wash your waist trainer – Your Waist trainer is not like cotton clothes and is not meant to be tossed around in a washing machine. It is designed to not absorb sweat and instead gives enough heat in the midsection area to boost up the fat burning process. You don't need to wash it vigorously as heavy soaking and vigorous washing/scrubbing can discolor your waist trainer and break apart the fabrics while damaging the steel bones.

2. Hand Wash it with a mild textured Shampoo- Your waist trainer needs gentle hand washing instead of washing machine. You can use any mild textured shampoo or even a baby shampoo to keep it clean and odor free. You can even purchase specific lingerie detergents which is formulated to wash latex type fabrics. With proper care you can make your waist trainer last longer.

3. Let it dry in open for few hours- It is advisable not to squeeze your waist trainers to drain out the water. Leave it out in the open for a few hours and it will dry on its own. Using a dryer is a big NO! Waist trainers have a large amount of latex and a dryer can shrink it and also damage the steel bones which will completely ruin the waist trainer.
4. Do not scrub your Waist Trainer-While washing or drying your waist trainer, do not use a sponge. Vigorously scrubbing can discolor the waist trainer and also damage the latex fabric, leaving it completely destroyed.

Waist trainer storage

Store your waist training corset in a drawer or a closet, where it is not exposed to direct sunlight and preferably lay it flat, although you could also hang it. You can also hang your waist training garment on a lingerie hanger. Please make sure not to roll it up, because that will damage your shape-wear.


Waist trainers are effective for developing a beautiful hourglass shape. They have helped millions of women around the world to achieve the body of their dreams. It is not necessary to clean your shape-wear every time after wearing it, you can use the trainer a couple of times between laundry cycles, but it is necessary to clean the garment regularly so they keep their compression and shape. Take proper care of your latex waist trainer and it can literally last you a lifetime!

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