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Potty training and sleep training aren't the only things new mom's have to go through, waist Training has became the hottest trend for new moms to get their Pre-Baby bodies back. Hollywood's long known secret that helped Kim K, Jessica Alba, Ciara, etc to get back their original figures is now being embraced by new moms to get similar results.

What is Waist Training?

Waist Training is the act of tightly wrapping your waist from the lower ribcage to right above the pelvis with a corset or a waist trainer to gradually reduce the natural waist. Waist Trainers increase thermal activity in the core which leads to perspiration and increase in metabolism that results in fat and excess water loss. Many women opt for wearing Spanx but they just tuck in the bulges instead of real fat loss. Michele Handelman - Mother of 3 started Waist Training after her third child's birth told us her experience. "I was a little hesitant to cinch my waist. What if I couldn't breathe? the postnatal training I was following had recommended this and I don't regret doing it. After a few light postbaby workouts I kicked it up a notch and started wearing it 8 hours a day. It was fairly comfortable and after 2 months I got to a slim enough waist and then I just put it in my closet." She says if the need arises again she'll just dust off her Waist Trainer from Hourglassify and start training again.


How does it Help?

Dr. Rajan says, "The amount of water retention in mom's after delivery is shocking and can be very uncomfortable. The reason for this is hormonal and fluid shifts that take place during pregnancy. Some women hold more water in the weeks after delivery than during pregnancy. It takes about a month for the excess fluids to dissipate and the uterus goes from a size if a watermelon to the size of a mango. A month after delivery, Waist trainers and belly wraps can improve the dissipation of water fast due to compression and thermal activation causing perspiration." During pregnancy, hormones like estrogen, progestrone and relaxin are abundant in the body which result in loose muscles and pelvic structure. These hormones take around 6 months to reduce to normal levels after birth. Waist trainers pull these saggy abdominal muscles in and provide a support structure which reduces stress on joints and ligaments.

Bottom Line

While waist training can get you amazing results and get you back in perfect shape, it isn't a magic pill. A workout plan and a healthy diet are also important to achieve this goal. However, a waist trainer can certainly help you instantly reduce inches off your waist to appear super slim boosting your confidence, provide support to your muscles, help you reduce water weight while making your clothes fit better. Happy Cinching!

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