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There are a ton of ways to shed that excess fat you've been carrying on you, from dieting to exercise to yoga. Yes keto diet works wonders and is a known hollywood secret, more on that later. Assuming you've started your weight loss journey with any method you prefer, started seeing some results and are feeling awesome! There's just one problem that comes to haunt most people is loose saggy skin which is a leftover as your body starts to lose weight and your skin remains the same surface  area. First world problem, I know. Providing your body with essential...

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Potty training and sleep training aren't the only things new mom's have to go through, waist Training has became the hottest trend for new moms to get their Pre-Baby bodies back. Hollywood's long known secret that helped Kim K, Jessica Alba, Ciara, etc to get back their original figures is now being embraced by new moms to get similar results.

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